BRAD SCHOENFELD, PhD, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA in Slovenia, 27th and 28th of May

BRAD SCHOENFELD, PhD, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA is right now one of the most wanted speakers in the fitness industry. The former natural Bodybuilder haas gathered enormous experience regarding training and nutrition throughout his career. Most of you may know him from T-NATION or bought at leasyt one of his books, including the HYPERTROPHY BIBLE that was released in 2016 “Science and development of MUSCLE HYPERTROPHY”.
What will BRAD talk about in the seminar:
Saturday 27.5.2017 MAIN TOPIC – TRAINING
– The Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy
– Manipulating Resistance Training Variables for Maximal Growth
– How Does Cardio Impact Hypertrophy
– Program Design Strategies to Maximize Hypertrophy

Sunday 28.5.2017 MAIN TOPIC – NUTRITION
– Eat to Grow
– Nutrient Timing: Separating Truth from Fiction
– Facts and Fallacies of Fat Loss
– Ask Me Anything…About Training and Nutrition
We are really honored to host him together with our friends at the FENIKS STUDIO in Ljubljana !
If you have any questions about flights or other transport options, hotel or payment please send us an e-mail to edu@fittovarna.com !
You can register by sending an email to edu@fittovarna.com with the subject “SEMINAR BRAD” and your data (full name, adress, phone number and if an company invoice is needed, company details). You get an invoice from us and as soon it is paid your spot is secured.
Our concern is to get as much valuable information to personal trainers as possible, so they can grow in their knowledge and business. We like the idea to shape the path for many of those that are day in day out heping other to achieve their goals. We know that travelling sometimes can be a bit stressful and theerefore we can assist you with your travel.
We will announce which hotel will be our partner hotel and will provide special pricing for the seminar.
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We book all registraions at edu@fittovarna.com

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Izberi težavnost

Rdeča (lažja) elastika + 12 KG kettlebell
Črna (težja) elastika + 20 KG kettlebell

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